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Portrait of a Trans Man

April 1, 2009

Check out Amanda Morgan‘s portfolio for some great photography. Besides the portraits of her trans lover, in her I AM A MAN series she takes on various male signifiers to explore issues of performative masculinity and its intersection with race, class and sexual orientation.

My favorite: the picture of Mik’s whiskered chin.

I am most interested in places where the lines blur –the in-between space that Gloria Anzaldua named The Borderlands– because in these places and spaces where the ground on which we stand and the identities to which we cling become destabilized, here is where I believe there exists a possibility for real transcendence and a deeper connection with our complex humanity. A year ago, I met a transman who has since become my best friend, my lover and my muse whom I believe embodies these thoughts and the beauty I see inherent in them. I photographed Mik before I even said a word to him because I found him so intriguing. Now I find him only more so as our communication deepens and he continues to confound categorization. (…) –From the synopsis for Mik, a portrait.

Found via Coffee and Gender’s blogroll. By the way, I love this quote, featured on that blog: “In our desires to be recognized and valued in our chosen genders, we still have all the obligations, if not more, of socially conscious white masculinities. To fail in that obligation is to duplicate white supremacy, knowingly or otherwise.” – Bobby Noble

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