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What’s your gender?

March 28, 2009

This site has a very long list of terms related to gender, sex, orientation, personality, etc; you can choose all the words you identify with and create a presentation badge:

My name is
My gender identity is
activist, ambiguous, ask me, blessed, both, boy, boy lover, butch-liking, complex, curious, FTM, FTX, fagdyke, friend, full of love, gay-friendly, gender euphoric, gender expressive, gender liberationist, gender transcender, gender warrior, genderfuck, genderqueer, gentleman, guy, happy, lesbro, Mr., open, philosopher, queer, queer liberationist, queer-friendly, queer-minded, queergendered, simple, sir, trans, transboy, transfag, transgender, transgender warrior, transguy, transkid, transmale, transman, transmasculine, transperson, transtheorist
What’s yours

“There are exactly 925 options here, and a total of 2.8363×10278 or 283 unnovemgintillion possible combinations, more than there are elementary particles in the universe. If each option were a computer bit, it would take 116 bytes to encode a combination.”

Wow. And this is just a small selection of all the possible ways we can identify; I identify as “non-binary”, for instance, and I bet you can think of other gender words that represent you. Plus, there are hundreds of cultures with words and genders that don’t exactly translate as “man” or “woman”, so there’s an infinite number of ways to define ourselves. Too bad most people only identifies as one of the culturally-sanctioned genders.

This site made me think about how our gender identity blends with the rest of our identity. I wondered why there were checkboxes for things like personality and political affiliation; but then orientation/affection isn’t strictly about gender either, and I tend to lump them together, saying I’m a queer transboy (the “queer” part is important to me: it defines my non-binary mindset). I guess the author thinks of us as whole human beings who can’t be split into different categories so easily:

“Although I really wanted the words to stand for themselves, without tainting them by splitting them up, with 925 options that’s not really plausible. So I have categorized them into groups. Like any other classification system, this is completely arbitrary. You can still view one long list if you like…”

Hat-tip to Meitar Moscovitz, who commented about this site on Genderfork. Thanks, Meitar!

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  1. March 30, 2009 3:41 am

    Yo lo conseguí en el mismo lugar y lo hice y me quedó larguísimo, pero no fui smart enough de guardar el codiguito, si no lo compartía. Me encantó.


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