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A Few Links

March 22, 2009

I’ve been piling up some great links for weeks; here they are.

Gender Outlaw started the Transman Mapping Project (a great idea!):

The idea is simple: just add your name or alias (it can be anonymous) and a marker to the map so that we can create a bird’s eye view of how transmen are spread out around the world.

If you’ve ever had that feeling of being alone in your transition, a quick look at the map will show you otherwise. We really are everywhere! -Gender Outlaw

I’ve been looking through Scarleteen (“sex ed for the real world”) and I found a great article called “GenderPalooza! A Sex & Gender Primer”. I love how it invites cisgender people to defy gender norms. It also has an awesome section called “How to Be Transfriendly and Subvert Crummy Gender Roles at the Same Time, in Five Easy Steps!”:

3) Nix staring and whispering. When someone looks or acts in a way which you think is incongruent to their sex or gender, check yourself out. Think about WHY you think that way, where those ideas come from, and if it’s reasonable or positive…

Genderfork featured a video of S. Bear Bergman reading from hir book, Butch Is a Noun. It made me laugh: Bergman tries to define butch, but has to add a lot of caveats and exceptions that show how slippery genders really are.

And Below the Belt featured one of my posts yesterday. I feel honored!

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