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Kit Yan from Good Asian Drivers

February 20, 2009

More trans spoken word! Kit Yan slams about gender, race and food in a style that can go from funny to poignant and every emotion in between. He’s part of Good Asian Drivers, “a music and spoken word duo that only pretends to gig and mostly uses touring as an excuse to eat random foods. [link]

You can hear some of his pieces at his site, and also read his poetry and lyrics. Oh, and watch Good Asian Drivers perform here and here.

…there may be as many as a million genders, identities, and sexualities,
just floating around, searching for the right person,
to snatch them up,
put them on, and proudly parade around in their new skin,
unrestricted by layers and identity, and
limitations of culture, society, and social construction.
this new gender is a function of inner desire, and
genuine understanding of self to be lived…
Written and performed by Kit Yan © 2005.

One of my favorites is Tranny Shack, which talks about transpeople and a day in the life of a transman:

welcome to the tranny shack we got cross dressing, gender-bending, make-up, strap-ons, pom-poms
and cargo pants, heels, slacks, baseball caps, tattoos, piercings, bikini strings,
and hiking gear, stolen back from queers for queers
see, we’re here to erase the gender lines
put the boundaries of sex behind us and well, look good doing it…
All poems written by Kit Yan © 2008.

I’ll leave you with Queer Nation, a piece about the gender and racial issues still haunting the queer community. Melissa Li accompanies beautifully with her guitar.

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