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Saturday Night Links

January 17, 2009

This week, thealeticia wrote about The Pink Butch Test: “I will only date butches who are okay with pink.” She wants to transgress the boundaries of pinkness. Oh yeah!

Also, check out the International Bill of Gender Rights:

The IBGR is a theoretical construction which has no force of law… However, individuals are free to adopt the truths and principles expressed in the IBGR, and to lead their lives accordingly.  In this fashion, the truths expressed in the IBGR will liberate and empower humankind in ways and to an extent beyond the reach of legislators, judges, officials and diplomats.

It lists rights for everyone –not only trans people–, including the right to define gender identity and express it freely, employment issues, body modification, medical care, having children, and sexual expression. I think it should mention education somewhere, but it’s a pretty nice document anyhow.

Have a nice weekend!

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