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Updates and links

December 2, 2008

I changed the blog’s layout, as you may have noticed.

Personal changes I’ve been taking huge steps forward, trans-wise. I started binding daily over two months ago, and I’ve just talked to my psychologist about getting diagnosed as gender dysphoric.

I also started going to an lgbt youth group whenever possible, and yesterday I went to a trans group for the first time. I was the only FTM there, but it was a great experience. Some of the people were so inspiring! One woman couldn’t take hormones because of health issues, but she didn’t let that get in the way of being herself. Another lady told me that, since transitioning, everything has been so much easier.

It’s nice, knowing I’m in such good company as a transperson.

Links and resources

I’ve been adding all sorts of links and resources. My interest in anthropology and sociology landed me at Sociological Images (Seeing is Believing): briefly-commented media images that represent cultural attitudes towards different subjects; for instance, the construction of gender, transgender, sexual orientation and intersex.

Through Sugarbutch I found Embodiment: A Portrait of Queer Life in America: great photographs of diverse queer people (trans, genderqueer, butch, femme and more).

Check out Gender Rebel: a documentary about three female-born genderqueer people, one of whom is physically transitioning.

I also found lots of information for people who are questioning their gender, or who are coming out; I wish I could have read this stuff a few months ago! You can find it all at the links/resources page.

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