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So, three dykes are walking down the street…

August 10, 2008

…and one of them says “Isn’t that a naked woman?”

The other two shout “WHERE??!!” and look around frantically.

(There wasn’t any live nudity after all, just a statue; which made our horniness all the more obvious.)

I don’t really identify as lesbian anymore; as theorist Judith Jack Halberstam said, it’s more a term for woman-identified women. Dyke, on the other hand, implies masculinity on a female body (bio-female or post-transition), kind of like butch with the addition of queerness. There’s a lot of variety among dykes: butches, femmes, people who go by “she” or by “he”, gay women who hate the word lesbian but love the sonority of “dyke”… Everyone feels welcome. And so do I.

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  1. bentcrude permalink
    September 8, 2008 2:24 pm

    yeh, dyke’s a damn fine word

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